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Uncompromising Quality

The high standards of a dedicated, FDA inspected, manufacturing facility in the U.S. ensures that the finished products are manufactured to standards meeting or exceeding GMP’s – Good Manufacturing Practice standards - and our products meet the standards of NSF certification.

We employ multiple methods of testing and quality control during and after the manufacturing process.  Quality control includes in-house microbial testing, as well as employs an FTIR machine for raw material identity testing.  Moreover, we conduct third party analysis, including stability and heavy metal testing.

We have the experience and products you can trust:

  • Our product formulas are based on over 25 years of knowledge and experience.
  • All of our products are made using organically grown ingredients that are ethically harvested.
  • Our products contain absolutely no chemicals, artificial colorings, filler or binders.
  • They have been proven to work time and time again.
  • Our team is educated, experienced and knowledgeable in natural health including herbs and nutrition for family pets.
  • We manufacture all of our products strictly in the USA.

Our Vision

Green Vet takes pride in continuously helping to support your beloved companion animal’s quality of life. To that end, we are dedicated to developing innovative, organically grown and health based products that benefit your dog or cat.

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